For the optimum performance of your water filter it is recommended that the filters be replace approximately every 6 months. When you purchased your water filter it contained a pre-paid envelop and a simple form to complete and then pop into the mail. This form will be kept on our data base and we will contact you by post when your filters are due for replacement. The new filters can be mailed direct to you. Alternatively you can order new filters on line or if you prefer a fax/post order form can be printed and sent to us.

Procedure for replacing the filters:

1. To change the filters firstly remove the inner liner of your water filter and empty out any water.

2. Hold the old filter firmly with one hand and unscrew the locking nut with the other hand.

3. Insert the new filter with one washer while holding it by the plastic base. Put on second washer and nut. Tighten the locking nut firmly.

4. Place the inner liner on the sink and add water to the inner liner. Check that there are no leaks around the locking nut or the plastic washer.

5. Replace the inner liner back into the water filter and fill the inner liner with tap water.

6. Discard the first 4 litres of filtered water. The filter will now ready for normal use.


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